Kolekcja: Jollymaccoffee's Artisanal Coffee Scented Candles

Jollymaccoffee Artisanal Candles are handcrafted and offer a sense of individuality and craftmanship. Our candles are made in small batches, using high-quality ingredients and inovative techniques. They make for perfect conversation starters and add a personal touch to any space.

Hand Poured

100% Soy Grown Wax

Sourced locally in Franfort, IL

These candles are a great addition to any coffee shop making for great gifts on their own or to bundle with coffee purchases and/or gift cards. Coffee enthusiasts and fragrance enthusiasts alike will be flocking to get their hands on our Coffee scented candles!


Lighter roasts tend to smell fruitier, and more floral and herbaceous. Meanwhile, medium beans give off more of a carmelized, nutty, or even chocolatey smell. Dark roasts tend to be earthier, bolder and sometimes they are even smoky.

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  • Deep Roast Coffee Candle
    Cena regularna
    Cena sprzedaży
    Cena regularna
    Cena jednostkowa