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 Do we roast our own coffee beans?
 We buy all of our coffee in the green state and our Roasters roast them when your order is placed! We are very much aware of the fact that unethical coffee farming is putting coffee farms at risk for disease, which eventually leads to complete farms falling to their doom. This is one reason we get as much info as we can on the way it is grown before we purchase coffee.

What makes our coffee specialty grade?

All of our coffee selections are grown at higher elevations. They are also grown in the shade of various fruit trees. Various birds and small animals have made the foliage their home. Due to all the wild life, no insecticides or fertilizers are used. This in turn, produces a much cleaner cup of coffee. During the grading process, top of the line machinery is used to separate any foreign objects and lower grade beans from the higher grade beans. You end up with the best beans of the crop and the farmer gets a better price. This is what makes a specialty coffee bean.
On another note, we are excited to see where this business will take us. We have had this dream and it is now on a roll. We hope you join us on our journey as we grow! Keep drinking amazing coffee, and stay caffeinated!
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Written by:

David Nozar | Co-Owner