Coffee Pods and Coffee Preparation

All about Coffee Pods:

Tassimo T-Disc:

TASSIMO T Discs are small, pre-measured discs that work together with the TASSIMO machine to create a perfect hot drink every time.  TASSIMO T-Discs come in many different varieties, from popular Starbucks coffee blends and flavors, to Seattle's Best Coffee, Gevalia Cafe and more.  TASSIMO T Discs contain only the finest, 100% Arabica coffee.  T Discs can also make tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and more.

Coffee Pod:

Coffee pods are a generic term for small, single servings of coffee which work in many different single-serving coffee machines.  Coffee pods work with such machines as the Keurig, TASSIMO, and Senseo.  Pre-measured coffee pods make brewing the perfect cup of coffee a simple and quick task.  They come in a vast variety of flavors, blends, and even specialty drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.


K-Cup is the name for the coffee pod that works specifically with Keurig single cup brewing systems.  Keurig K-Cups come in a large selection of brands, flavors, and drinks.  Whether you are craving fine Twinning's tea, Newman's Own coffee or a nice cup of hot cocoa, you can find a K-Cup that fits the bill.

Single Cup:

Oftentimes, machines such as the Keurig series, Senseo, and TASSIMO are referred to as "single cup" coffee machines.  They brew coffee one cup at a time, but some of them brew coffee in more than one size.  For example, they may brew in single coffee mug sizes, as well as larger travel mug sizes.  Single cup coffee machines  save water and produce great tasting coffee each and every time.

Senseo Pod:

Senseo coffee pods work with Senseo single cup coffee machines.  Senseo pods come in several different flavors and varieties.  From cappuccino, to decaffeinated, flavored blends, and even espresso.  The coffee in Senseo pods is selected and roasted by the world's second largest coffee roaster - Douwe Egberts.

Melitta Pod:

Melitta coffee pods fit in virtually all coffee pod brewers and are made of the finest Arabica coffee blends.  Melitta coffee pods are individually wrapped in foil in order to maintain the highest level of freshness.  Made with 100% Arabica coffee, Melitta coffee pods are truly delicious and enjoyable.

Flavia Fresh Pack:

Flavia Fresh Packs are single serve coffee pods for Flavia brewing systems.  Fresh packs come in several different varieties, including coffees, teas, hot chocolates and more.  Flavia fresh packs fit home and office brewing machines and come in specialty flavors like Milky Way and Dove hot chocolate.


Coffee Preparation:

Batch Roaster:  

A batch roaster is a machine which roasts a given quantity at one time. It does not continually roast beans. There is an identifiable start and end time to the roaster's capabilities.  A batch roaster enhances the flavor of coffee because smaller batches are roasted at a time, so more of each individual bean's flavor is released.


A demitasse is a small (1/2 size) cup used for serving espresso. It is a French term meaning "half cup."  Since espresso is served in much smaller portions than drip coffee, a demitasse is the perfect size for presenting espresso.  A set of demitasses would be a wonderful gift for a coffee lover or someone who owns their own espresso machine.

French Press:    

A French press is a device for making coffee in which ground coffee is steeped in water.  The grounds are then removed from the coffee by means of a filter plunger which presses the grounds to the bottom of the pot. The French press can also be referred to as a plunger pot and is a great way to brew your own coffee when on the go.

Coffee Roasting:

Coffee roasting is the process by which green, unprocessed coffee beans are turned into roasted coffee products.  The roasting process usually occurs close to when the coffee will be consumed.  Dark roasting produces a stronger, more intense flavor than light roasting, which leaves the coffee to have more of its inherent plant flavors.