1. How many cups of coffee are in a pound of ground coffee? According to the Specialty coffee Association of America, a single pound is enough for 48 6oz cups of coffee or approximately 36 8oz cups of coffee (ground or beans). 
  2. How many pounds of coffee do I need for my 100 cup coffee urn? 2lbs+7oz.
  3. Where do you roast your coffee? We have roasting facilities in Orland Park, Illinois and Temecula, California always roasting to order. No product is ever warehoused or sitting on a shelf in some warehouse waiting to be delivered.
  4. How do I brew the best cup of coffee? The coffee to water ratio is 1:15 or 13g/8oz cup. One tablespoon is 14.3g and 2 tablespoons is 1oz.
  5. Do you offer free shipping? Yes, we offer free standard shipping on all internet coffee orders.
  6. How do I place an order? Orders can be placed 24/7 via our website. You may also, call in your order to 708-267-8253 Monday- Friday, from 8:30am - 6:00pm CST and we will happily place an order for you.
  7. What payment options are available? Our website accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Our website is secure and encrypted. If you prefer to call in an order we will need a valid credit or debit card. We do accept personal checks, cash and money orders. Once funds clear your order will be processed. Mail to : Jollymaccoffee & Tea Co. 7777 West Lincoln Highway Suite A  Frankfort, IL 60423.
  8. Can you fulfill large scale commercial orders? Yes, we ship large commercial orders. Please call us at 708-267-8253 to discuss how we can help you.
  9. Do you sell full bags of unroasted green coffee beans? Yes, we do. I have 5# bags of our Breakfast Blend and our 6 Bean Espresso Blend. They are $59.75 a bag and delivery is free. Call to order and ask for Dave 1-708-267-8253.
  10. Do you offer K-Cups or capsules in all your coffee selections? Yes we do. Just six product choices with a choice of 12 or 60 capsules in a bag. See our website for details.
  11. Do you offer Decaf coffee? Yes, we do. Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. This is a clean decaffeinating method which uses 100% green coffee extract and carbon to filter the caffeine out. This method ensures only caffeine is removed to keep the original quality of the beans intact.
  12. How long does it take for orders to ship?

    Orders are shipped the same day afer they are roasted in most cases and shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Wholesale orders (9 lbs. or more) are shipped via UPS or FedX ground.  Please expect orders to take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at your home or business.

  13. Is coffee, like produce, seasonal? Yes! And like seasonal produce, coffee is best when it is freshest from the farms on which it is grown. In fact, we refer to our two annual coffee buying periods as seasons, each of which corresponds with the peak of harvest in a different part of the world. Across most of the Northern Hemisphere, the harvest is busiest during our winter months, and we introduce these northern season coffees to our menu beginning in the spring. Southern Hemisphere coffees are generally harvested in late spring and early summer, and these southern season coffees find their way onto our menu starting in the fall. Regardless of the season, we mark all our freshest single-origin coffees as 'In Season' to let you know they are less than nine calendar months removed from harvest. 
  14. What’s the difference between a blend and a single-origin coffee? Single-origin coffees are sourced from a specific place, whether estates, family-owned farms, or communities served by farmer organizations. Blends showcase coffees from different places that we combine with great care and intention so they can work in concert to highlight a distinct flavor.
  15. What are flavor profiles and flavor notes? Do you add flavorings to your coffees? We do not add any flavorings to our single origin coffee or espresso. We use flavor profiles to describe the general category and similarities between coffees. Flavor notes are specific descriptors for each particular coffee that are accentuated out by our coffee team through the roasting process.         
  16. Grind options explained? Whole Bean - whole bean coffee tends to be more flavorful, fresh, and aromatic. For the best coffee experience, you should buy your beans whole and grind them yourself right before brewing. 

    Medium is what you typically see when you buy ground coffee from the grocery store. The pieces are small and this grind is best used for pour-over and drip coffees.

    Fine, Espresso is the smallest grind we offer. This grind is used mostly for  espresso machines and moka pots.

  17. How to store coffee beans to extend its shelf life? Coffee does degrade over time and it degrades faster depending on the surface area - which means that the whole beans will keep longer than ground coffee. The best way to store these beans is to place them in an air-tight container in the freezer. You should grind fresh only the amount you plan to use that day to avoid unnecessary exposure to air. Storing coffee in this way will keep out moisture and other contaminants.

  18. How to tell if coffee is bad? The best way to tell if it has gone bad is to use your sense of smell. If coffee has gone bad, the pleasant aroma will be gone and with it much of the taste. Using this coffee will not harm you, but will just not have much flavor if the smell is gone. It may also lose its deep dark color and appear a lighter brown.
  19. Do you offer wholesale/discounted pricing?

    Yes we do. Discounted pricing can be seen under the Shop Coffee Tab in the main menue drop down tab and then click on Coffee Shop Offerings.

  20. What is the valve on your coffee packages? The packaging we use for Jollymac coffees is a durable triple-ply material that protects the coffee from sunlight and oxygen. Each bag has a one-way valve that allows gases that are produced during roasting to escape and prevents any air or oxygen from entering the bag.
  21. Why do my Specialty coffee bags get hard as bricks during my flight? The packaging we use for Jollymaccoffee is a durable triple-ply material that protects the coffee from sunlight and oxygen. Each bag has a one-way valve that allows gases that are produced during roasting to escape and prevents any air or oxygen from entering the bag.
  22. What is Strictly Hard Bean or SHB? Strictly Hard Bean is part of a classification system for coffees cultivated above 1200 meters (4000 feet) above sea level. The coffee trees that grow at that altitude produce higher-quality beans that have a high density and maintain their nutrients and flavor better during roasting.
  23. How should I store my coffee? For both ground and whole bean coffee, we recommend you store the bags someplace cool and dark, like a pantry, away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Never take the coffee out of the bag to put it in a container. Our bags are designed to keep the coffee fresh thanks to the one-way valve.
  24. How much caffeine do your Jollymaccoffee products contain? Caffeine is a natural component of coffee beans. A regular 8-oz cup of brewed coffee can have between 65 and 121 mg of caffeine.
    Decaffeinated coffee is also not completely decaffeinated. (This applies to all commercial decaf, not just Jollymaccoffee.) Coffee that has undergone decaffeination is 99.9% caffeine free, meaning that an 8-oz cup of brewed decaf will have about 0.03% caffeine (0.2 to 0.4mg).  Brewing Methods explained:

    These caffeine levels in popular coffee preparations are commonly agreed on, and make a good starting point for determining your caffeine consumption. As you’ll see, the brewing method plays a decisive role:

    • Percolated coffee, 8-ounce serving — 200 mg caffeine
    • Filter or drip coffee, 8-ounce serving — 95-165 mg caffeine
    • French press coffee, 8-ounce serving — 107 mg caffeine
    • Espresso, 1-ounce shot — 47-64 mg caffeine
    • Cold brew coffee, 12-ounce serving — 150 mg caffeine
  25. How is Jollymaccoffee different from the coffee you find at your local grocery store? We offer Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee ( bean or grind) delivered to your door in 3 to 5 days once the order is placed. Our two roasting partners are expert roasters and have more than 90 years of experience. We roast our coffees slowly and in small batches for perfect results. We don’t add—or need—additives to enhance the natural coffee flavor. So, there is no shelf life to our coffees. Who knows how old those grocery shelf products are? Don't you deserve the best fresh roasted specialty coffee you can buy and get it delivered to your door within 3 to 5 days of roasting? Coffee from around the globe and you get to choose your favorite territory.
  26. Why is Specialty Coffee more expensive than all the others? Our coffees are hand picked at the moment of peak freshness. Hand picking coffee when it is best presents a unique challenge. Coffee cherries do not ripen all at the same time, not even on the same tree. that is why we never use machanical equipment to havest the coffee cherries.