Our Story and Our Mission

A Jollymaccoffee bag goes beyond the experience of just a cup of freshly home brewed coffee. It's founded on a dream and a legacy of offering the best specialty beans from highly competitive countries in the coffee industry and being able to turn a morning or an afternoon into a time to reflect on the good things in our life and a time to share those moments with our cup of coffee in our hands keeping us close to the ones we love.

So, my story begins with my Grandpa Nozar. As a child growing up my sister and I would stay over at my Grandparents house in the summer for several weeks. They lived in the city and I was my Grandpa's oldest grandson and he was so proud. What I remember most was his love for coffee and his cigars. He would take me everywhere with him and to all his favorite places and introduce me to his friends and share with me more stories all with a cup of coffee and a cigar in his other hand. We traveled around in his car and this was before car seats for kids and coffee holders. He would say hold on to the coffee son until we get the paper and then we would prop the paper up to hold the cup close to the seat. But never fear the coffee always spilled as Grandpa maneuvered through the city. He told me not to worry and that it can be replaced at our next stop. He shared so many stories with me as a kid. I miss you Grandpa.

I reflect on that time while I drink my coffee. Now, I am Papa Nozar to a 4 year old grandson and a 3 year old granddaughter and now May 13th 2022 my new granddaughter has joined the family. With coffee in hand still contemplating. What will be my legacy for them? How about coffee I thought. Most people I know drink coffee. So, I thought why not brand a specialty coffee company that could deliver fresh roasted coffee to everyone's front door. Okay, it sounded cool in my mind but what will be the name of our company. Two cups of coffee later the legacy was taking shape. My grandson Joey and my granddaughter Molly and now my granddaughter Mackenzie will be able to share this together and then with their kids. Yes, this is perfect. I merged their 3 names into what is: Jollymaccoffee.com So, I share my stories just like Grandpa Nozar.




So, Why Specialty Coffee?

Most people don’t realize it, but coffee is the world’s second-largest commodity behind oil. As far as a beverage goes, second to only water. Cultivated and sold by millions of farmers worldwide, coffee production is infamous for its rich history of enslavement and exploitation. Jollymaccoffee is committed to putting a stop to these heartbreaking traditions while bringing unique, flavorful coffees to western markets. We do it for the sake of redistributing profits directly back to those farmers whose very hands cultivated the fine product we offer. Single Origin coffee is what Jollymac is all about. We deliver to you these Specialty Coffees to your front door. How great is that!

A Commitment to Excellence....

While you might have heard of fairly traded coffee, we use a specialized model called direct trade.

This is a process in which roasters work direct with farmers to meet higher standards for coffee quality in exchange for a premium price. Thatway, the farms get liveable wages and Jollymaccoffee gets to give you the best coffee out there.

All of our coffee comes from small holder farms.

Where You Come In

Believe it or not, you play a crucial role in our mission. We are here to enable our local community to not settle for merely purchasing coffee, but to become a part of a life-changing story - a story where everyone wins. Our customers enjoy an unrivaled Specialty Coffee experience while knowing that each sip connects them to clean water projects all over the world so all kids can drink clean water and survive. Want to find your place in this story?

Shop Our fresh-roast to order Specialty Coffee products and find your starting point in this journey.