Jollymaccoffee's Performance Max Caf Blend

Jollymaccoffee's Performance Max Caf Blend is one of the strongest coffee’s you can buy. Performance Max Caf Blend has more caffeine than the average cup. Mainly used for athletics, this blend can also be utilized for office areas, or anything you may need a boost for!

Jollymaccoffee's Performance Max Caf Blend is 100% coffee. No added preservatives, additives, or supplements. This blend is prepared to perfection optimizing every milligram of caffeine extracted out of the coffee bean.

No caffeine claims are being made here just industry standard assumptions are being examined.

So, let me explain. Using standard assumptions and there are 2 really useful #s and for the purposes of this discussion, a cup of coffee = 8oz (no idea why the medical community uses that since everyone in the industry uses 6oz but it is what it is).
Now, do your own research but this is what 'we' consider fairly accurate.
1) The general standard is that Robusta coffee has 265mg/8oz
2) Arabica is assumed to have about 163mg/8oz.
If we agree to these #s and our goal is to get to 200mg per 8oz cup, then how do our coffee's match up?
India Robusta = 100% specialty grade cherry Robusta.  So, the assumption is 198/6oz cup or 265/8oz
Our Tanzania is considered one of the highest levels in Arabica but let's use the 120/6oz cup or 160/8oz mentioned above.
Our Max Caf is 50% Tanzania, 50% Robusta which would then mean around 160 in a 6oz cup or 213 in an 8oz cup.
Our Breakfast Blend+ is 25% Robusta which would be 140 +/-/6oz and 185ish in an 8oz. 
The rest of our blends that contain robusta are (6bean, Italy, and French) are closer to 1/6th Robusta.
Our Cowboy Blend is 1/12 Robusta.
Any Brew method will work just fine. Industry leaders suggest Drip Brew to extract the most caffeine from the bean.

Brew and drink 1-3 cups(8-12oz) or one 16oz cup, 30-60 minutes before your workout, sport, or event and enjoy the ride!

Note: These amounts are suggestions. Adjust the amount to your preferred taste and strength.

Research supports that coffee positively effects the central nervous system providing performance enhancing capabilities in athletic training areas. Benefits seen in areas such as: Endurance, Power Performance, and High Intensity events. Coffee’s peak effects occur between 30 and 60 minutes after ingestion and sustained for extended periods of time. This time may vary depending on your metabolism of caffeine.

Effects include sustainable strength, prolonged alertness, heightened reaction times, and increased power and precision. These are just a few benefits that are seen when correctly utilizing coffee for athletic training. These benefits and enhancements are subjective to each person as caffeine is metabolized differently through everyone.